Welcome to the Alpine Addicts ambassadors Page

Our program is free to join and easy to set up. Wether your looking for sponsorship, Commission, or want to help us build an awesome community.

 we will be happy to Accommodate you! 

Meet the crew!

Instagram: @courtneyb146

Courtney Bamford


sasha bodie.jpg

Sasha Bodie



Candice Chernenkoff


Amy Richards



Clay Belanger


Kolby Backs @kolby.backs57  

Kolby Backs



Luke Weissbach @luke_250f

Luke Weissbach


Talon Pickell  @talon_pickell

Talon Pickell 


Andy Messner @andymessner

Andy Messner


Brandon Barrett @brbarrett

Brandon Barrett


Mikhail Helm @mikhail747

Mikhail Helm


Chantal Von Rotz @c_vonrotz

Chantal Von Rotz


Myles Bates @pvtpile1989

Myles Bates


Grayson Shuflita @_polaristar_

Grayson Shuflita


Dayton Shuflita @shuffy_whips

Dayton Shuflita


Mickey Draper @mickey_draper

Mickey Draper


Evan Merritt @evan_merritt

Evan Merritt


Scott Bourgoin  @scotty_sledneck

Scott Bourgoin 


Colton Olstad @colstad_803

Colton Olstad




Brayden Mather @bray_may_1522

Brayden Mather


Jennie Hansen @jenhansen28

Jennie Hansen


Shane Parsons @slowmotionforme6

Shane Parsons


Carter Booth @booth_410

Carter Booth


Ryan Gnenz @r_nenz

Ryan Gnenz


Cole Predinchuk @cole_predinchuk

Cole Predinchuk


Austin Woods @woodlesonn

Austin Woods


Patrick Thompson @patrick_thompson

Patrick Thompson


Taylor Johnson @donatello_jku

Taylor Johnson


Kyle Gerencer @kyleg_rodeo101

Kyle Gerencer


Lisa Guyre @lisaguyre

Lisa Guyre


Katie Jane @theoutdoorswoman

Katie Jane


Melissa Buhler @melissabuhler

Melissa Buhler


Ryan Blacklock @ryanblacklock_

Ryan Blacklock


Tanner Brooks @brooksy_20

Tanner Brooks


Nolan Martens @nolanmartens345

Nolan Martens


Austin Knaus @austin_knuas

Austin Knaus


Noah Possberg @noah_possberg

Noah Possberg