What is Alpine Addicts?

We are just that - Addicts of the Alpine! We are an outdoor apparel company & community for those of like minded thinking who live and breathe adventure and the outdoors.

Where is Alpine Addicts based Out of?

Our operations are based out of Manitoba, Canada but we are proud to say that our Brand is worldwide! With apparel and ambassadors in Norway, Sweden, British Columbia, Alaska, and Idaho to name a few.. we have become a familiar name in the snowmobile industry.

How Do I Become An Ambassador?

How do you choose your Ambassadors?

Our submissions for the 2019-2020 season are currently closed. We encourage applicants to stay involved with us on Social Media in an effort to grow their online digital presence! Stay tuned for next years roster application announcement.

We select our ambassadors based on 4 pieces of competitive criteria. This year we received approx 250 applications, doubling last years submissions! We are regretfully only able to sign on so many riders per year. We do hope that those unable to be selected will continue to ride hard and enhance there sledding persona in hopes of becoming an ambassador the following year! We look forward to hearing from you.