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Alpine Addicts started as a group of friends who loved to snowmobile and wanted to have a way to get more riders with them, that was 2015. 5 years later has grown into something bigger, something for every sports enthusiast. Alpine Addicts is now a brand, made for the love of sport. Something comfortable to wear that looks great. Alpine Addicts has kept our roots with our ambassador program. We just expanded it to everyone!  With the ever-changing world, we are excited for every new adventure that comes our way.

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our team


JR Gunderson

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Like a fine meal our fearless leader is a plethora of special spices. A dash of executive, a pinch of entrepreneur, a sprinkle of husband, and most importantly four scoops of awesome dad. JR is also the owner of our sister company C4 designs which specializes in printable graphics in all shapes and sizes as well as custom wraps for your dirt or snow needs!


Amanda Gunderson

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General Manager

Our very own mama bear. She is as fierce as she is loyal and without her guiding hand I’m sure we would all just spin out of control into oblivion. Amanda is also a lifesaver, in the literal sense. As a licensed paramedic she is very accustomed to fast paced environments and as a mom of four she is well equipped to keep the team motivated and on task. As a distance runner she also has the stamina to deal with all the shenanigans from the Alpine Addicts.




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Lead Web, Graphic, and Apparel Designer 

Crop it like it’s hot!

Pam is hands down the best graphic designer in the business. From sled wraps to clothing concepts the girl has it all covered. It wasn’t always this way though. When she graduated from college she had big city dreams before she landed a job at HTR designing sled, side by side and dirt bike wraps. Having almost 0 experience with any of these toys she went with a fake it till you make it system. Without realizing the change was happening, she fell in love with small town life and the beautiful mountains surrounding her. She is the master builder and digital crafter of both Alpine Addicts and C4 Designs and the only person I have ever met that can take a few ideas scribbled on a napkin and turn it into a beautiful one of a kind custom wrap!




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Born and raised a prairie farmer 

My addiction started in 2012 and I have put countless miles on chasing mountain adventures ever since. I have met so many awesome people from all over the world through Alpine Addicts. Love for the mountains unite us as a family 

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